Happy Holidays from The Kiefabers!

Hello all! I know I have been MIA since about a couple of weeks prior to the wedding… whoops. Everything with the wedding got pretty out of hand and there were details I needed to tend to 🙂

Since the wedding, I’ve been on a complete and total wedding hiatus. I’ve pretty much loathed all things bridal. Maybe it’s bridal post-partum depression, I don’t know… but what I do know is that I finally feel ready to talk about our “big day” and all of the events leading up to it! I also want to sort of morph this space into something more… but details on that will come in the ensuing weeks ahead. Lucky for me, the agency world practically shuts down during the holidays so I am gearing up for a nice break off 🙂

I have really been enjoying spending our first holiday season together as Husband and Wife. There’s something to be said about finally being married, having all of the rings on your finger, and settling in together during the most wonderful time of the year 🙂

I wish all of you a wonderful holiday and I’ll see you soon!



lovely lily day

So I apologize upfront for being a ghost lately. Needless to say the pressures of work, wedding planning, and life in general have gotten in the way! But I’m back with a few things that I think make up for it in leaps and bounds!! How about a LILY PULITZER themed shower?! OH.MY.GOSH.lilytable2639_1114838794068_1319893814_320083_6925495_n

Happy Wednesday before Easter! Doesn’t this just make you dream of wedding showers???

Fitting Follow-Up

Okay so I promised everyone that I would write a follow-up on my fitting post with an update about how my second fitting went. I’m sorry it has taken me a week to get this done– I have been super busy to say the least!

Anyways, this fitting could not have gone better- really. The alterations woman was so sweet and helpful, and you could tell she really knew what she was doing and has been doing this for quite a while. All of the issues that the first jerk I went to — she literally brushed them off and said, “These will be so easy, don’t worry about it!” You could tell she had done it a thousand times before. She can even alter my undergarments, which was a HUGE worry for me. Being larger on top (if you know what I mean), finding undergarments was nearly impossible, especially since I hate strapless bras. But I found one that fits inside the dress perfectly and once I put the dress on I can’t really even tell that it is strapless. And she is going to alter it so you can’t see it in the back, as my dress goes down lower than most undergarments allow for.

Best of all, the dress zipped up perfectly– even with the addition of undergarments underneath! So I was thrilled about that. I honestly couldn’t have felt better leaving the alterations shop. The fitting went perfectly and I go back on April 15 for my second fitting!


Rainy Wedding Day?

Dreary, Rainy Day in the Queen City

Dreary, Rainy Day in the Queen City

So this is what is looks like in Cincinnati today. Dreary, raining, and coldish with a hint of humidity. Possibly the WORST weather for a wedding, save a tornado or torrential downpouring.

At this pont in the wedding planning, the weather is one of my biggest fears! What if it is like this on my wedding day? I haven’t even tried to come to grips with it because I’ve been trying to think positive thoughts on the weather in hopes that it will be sunny and beautiful 🙂

Did it rain on any of your wedding days? The last 3 out of 4 weddings I have been to, the weather has been absolutely perfect, really without a hint of bad weather. I am worried that we won’t get to take pictures outside, or that my dress will get dirty and ruined before the ceremony even starts.

It rained on my parents’ wedding day and my mom has always told me that it is supposed to bring good luck, but I’m pretty sure that’s a crock- just like every other wedding saying.

Alterations Disaster

So tonite I went for my first alterations fitting. I was already nervous about it because:

A) I was a little scared about the person I had lined up to do it. It was a family tailor that my parents use– mostly my dad. He said he could do wedding dresses.

B) When I tried the dress on at my parents on Saturday, it was a little snug, and it wasn’t in great light, so I wasn’t feeling great about myself.

C) It’s my WEDDING DRESS, PEOPLE! I am so nervous in general about getting it altered- PERIOD.

So we get to the alterations place, and the guy is off in the corner yakking on the phone. Which he continues to do for THIRTY MINUTES. So rude. Then he comes out of his cubicle and I am hit with the smell of dirty cologne. Like the stuff my Italian great uncles used to wear. Creepy. We open the dress bag and he’s like, “Very pretty dress.” I’m thinking to myself– that’s it? This is a LAZARO. He clearly has no taste and no understanding of designer wedding dresses: RED FLAG.

So I get into the dress and the only good thing that happened– it fit so much better than it even did on Saturday! So something I am doing must be working.

Anyways, he starts critiquing it and saying “well I just don’t think that part can be fixed” and “I dont think there’s anything ANYONE can do about THAT” OH MY GOD! Imagine my utter shock and disappointment. First of all– it doesn’t even need to be hemmed. Check one, please. All that needs to be fixed is the “sleeves” — that’s it! And he was flipping out. I just kept looking down, keeping my lips tight so that I didn’t let out a snappy remark. I was actually quite proud of myself for the way I handled it, considering I could have easily been just as rude to him as he was being to me.

So I get back to the fitting room and I turn around and my mom is there and she mouths to me “it will be OK” — I get out of the dress, I pack it up, put my clothes back on and leave the dressing room. He is still talking to my mom: “I just don’t know how that can be fixed” blah Blah BLAH! I just looked at the floor the entire time. Luckily for my mom and I, my dad called her cell phone as we were standing there and we were like OK gotta go–see ya– and walked out. My mom is talking to my dad telling him it did not go well, I am laying the huge dress bag on the back seat of the car and my mom looks at me– I mouth to her “we’re never coming back here!”

And then… I just started crying. I could not help myself. It was just so natural and I just couldn’t stop. I was so surprised that something like that made me cry so much, but it just felt right. The guy was a creep, he was a total jerk to me and my mom, and he clearly wanted nothing to do with my beautiful designer wedding gown. How DARE he act as if he knows anything about alterations and then not even know what Lazaro is? Give me a break.

My mom was really great about it and calmed me down. My dad sent me supportive text messages that said “Les- don’t worry about it– we will find an alterations person that will Say Yes to the Dress”– haha. As soon as I got back to my parents house, I made an appointment at a place that was recommended to me by our wedding planner and also a handful of friends. So I am going there on Monday 🙂 I’ll definitely let you know what happens!!



Okay. I am in love. Look at this wrap for menu cards! Does anyone know where I can get this pink lace trim? Image via Style Me Pretty.

Invites are in!

Our beautiful inviations came in the mail yesterday, and I was beyond floored at how beautifully they turned out! They are so unique, elegant and vintagely chic all at the same time, I am in LOVE!

And I have the wonderful Cathy and Jamie from Love at First Invite to thank! From the bottom of my heart, they are beautiful.

Okay so I know you are all dying to see what they look like. But alas, you will have to wait for a few more weeks. I want to make sure that they all go out and that those receiving them are happily surprised 🙂 BUT, I will give you this teenie appetizer:inviteclip1

<insert evil laugh here>